Designing your steel building- What do I need?

  At Talon Steel Buildings our mission is to build your perfect building whatever it is. So what are some important things to consider when designing your dream building?  Lets look at a few that we have found;

Building site

Take time to consider where you want to build. Will you have to bring in or remove dirt, and if so how much. How will the site drain after the building is erected.  We work with the experts when estimating excavation so there are no surprises, they think of things you and I don’t, that’s why they are the experts!


Footings: When designing a steel building the concrete is where you should start. A steel building is heavy and needs to be supported by a concrete footing. We start be recommending a 2′ x 2′ x 4′ deep concrete pier system which will be the least expensive option, and we recommend this option on buildings of 60 feet wide or less. If your building is larger than 60 feet wide then Talon Steel recommends digging 8″ wide by 36″ deep trenched footing reinforced with re-bar**. A footing will keep your building firmly in place for a lifetime.

Floor: For most farm equipment like combines and tractors, 6″ concrete will be sufficient, if you want to park semi tractor-trailers in your building, then 8″ concrete is the way to go.Hydraulic doors

ApproachesAn approach is a concrete pad outside your overhead and walk through doors, they help mitigate the mud entering the building and serve as great work areas as an extension of your interior floor

Building design

Steel building can be as simple as a box with a roof to park your equipment or as complex as a living space. This is the fun part, so let your imagination run wild. We love when customers come up with a unique use for a steel building, and at Talon Steel, we always want our first answer to be YES. Some things to consider are; windows, wainscot, steel lined interior walls, overhangs and canopy, and gutters. Do you want finished space inside for an office or kitchen, or a shop area by adding a partition wall. We can sit with you and help you decide by asking questions to tap into your creative side.

Insulation/ Heat-cool

When you spend the money to build a steel building you want to be able to use it year round. There are several choices when it comes to insulating. Spray foam insulation is the premier choice when it comes to efficiency in a steel building and it usually is the most expensive initially (though it does pay for itself in the long run). There some great options in the fiberglass insulation market and we use this method the most because it is the least expensive.

To heat your building the options are many, but consider an in-floor radiant heating system. Nothing like working on a 65°F floor on a -20° F day in January. Some customers even run cold water through the pipes in the summer for a nice effect.


OK, doors don’t seem like a glamorous topic but they are an important part of the quality of the building. We recommend commercial 2 sided steel insulated overhead doors, they will last for years and will keep there appearance.  If you are looking at a hydraulic lift door there are some great options out there. We use “Powerlift Doors” (see pic above), not only do they work great they can be customized about any way you want, adding windows, walk doors, even a small overhead door inside the main door.

Get a quote

If you have been considering what it would take to build that new building you are dreaming of, then give us a call for a free quote. We will send in your design to our engineers and give you your options by creating an accurate estimate of the cost of your design. There is no obligation or cost in this proces, just call, email, or stop by our office and get the ball rolling.

** some cities like Lincoln, Ne, require an engineered trenched footing for all buildings built inside the 3 mile city limit.