Talon Steel offers a wide array of quality features and optional accessories to improve functionality and enhance your building’s appearance. Choose from a multitude of color and trim options to create the perfect blend of form and function. Contact a Talon Steel Consultant for details on these and other popular selections.

Wall & Roofing Panels

Talon Steel buildings come standard with heavy-duty 26-gauge roof and wall panels, available in a Bare, Siliconized polyester (better) or Kynar (best) finish. Panels come in a variety of profiles, colors and warranty options that offer outstanding beauty and long-term protection.




Interior Finishing

Finishing the inside of your building with steel liner panels adds style and energy efficiency. Roof and wall liner panels are 26 gauge, in your choice of standard colors. Liner panel packages come complete with trim and fasteners for installation.

Liner Panels

Finishing the interior of a building with steel liner panels adds style and energy efficiency, and Talon Steel has a wide selection of options available to suit any need and taste.

  • Talon Steel liners are galvanized 29 gauge or 26 gauge steel.
  • A 48″ girt is standard, as it offers additional strength and reinforcement.
  • Liner panels come in standard 8′ or full height, include all trim and fasteners, and are available in Galvanized or Galvalume in white or your choice from a wide range of standard colors.


Partitions can be shipped with your Talon Steel building and are available in a wide range of coverings. Be sure to consult with your Talon Steel Buildings Sales Consultant on the various options available. Partitions come standard with sheeting on one side, but can be ordered with both sides sheeted. You can also order just partition framing or sheeting.


Consider these partition options:

  • Lateral: Runs across the width of your building
  • Longitudinal: Runs the length of your building
  • Partial Length: Runs to requested length
  • Partial Height: Runs to requested height


Talon offers laminated fiberglass blanket insulation in a variety of thickness and R-value ratings, as well as thermal efficiency systems for both interior walls and ceilings that provide a more finished appearance while helping to make the building quiet and comfortable.

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Whether you need just a simple access door or multiple loading/equipment bays, Talon’s wide range of insulated and non-insulated door types and styles can be sized and configured to your exact specifications.  If you would like a Hydraulic lift overhead door, we recommend you start  here.

Overhangs, Gutters and Downspouts

Protect your foundation and property from erosion and water damage while beautifying your structure with optional overhangs, gutters and downspouts. The gutters are made in our building factory specifically for your building and trim color


Optional wainscot in contrasting colors can give your building a highly distinctive feel and enhances the appearance of any structure. Talon Steel Buildings offers several different wainscot style and application methods to suit virtually any style and budget.

Exterior Facades

Talon Steel Buildings offers a variety of Canopy, Mansard and Parapet exterior options that can add a distinctive flair to your structure while providing added surface for signage.

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